Sunday, October 5, 2014

Holiday Anxiety

With the holiday season approaching, visions of the Target data breach fiasco -- not sugar plums -- will be dancing in many shoppers' heads.
What's a consumer to do? For one thing, consumers can pay closer attention to what's appearing on their credit card statements. They don't have to wait for those statements to arrive in the mail, either. They can check transactions online -- and many regularly do so.

"They should also consider using credit cards that provide more detailed information about credit card transactions," Sean Leonard, founder and CEO of Penango, told TechNewsWorld. "That makes it easier for both the credit card company and consumer to detect fraud."

Using a credit card to make purchases is preferable to using a debit card, according to Leonard.

"Purchasing with a credit card is better than purchasing with a debit card. Getting money lost to debit card fraud back is a lot harder than disputing a charge on credit card statement," he said.

"If all you have is debit cards," said Leonard, "you should use the credit card feature of the debit card."

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